Andalucia Bike Race

Our site: the next few weeks it will be full speed here on Bicycling. Gustav Larsson & Calle Friberg run Andalucia Bike Race and in new blog they offer daily updates and footage from the race. How did this and what can we expect? We put four quick questions.

Four quick with gustav and calle

Why Andalucia Bike Race? How did this happen?
– I (Calle) ran this race together with Jojje Borssén 2012, and thought it was a fun race, with cool trails and cool atmosphere. In addition, there was good in time. Gustav’s story, you can read here.

What will we get in?
“We go down to Spain on Friday the 19th and converge there. Before then, it will be of course a little upload away from home. Once in place, pull the race started on Sunday 21st and ends on the 26th. During the course we will run some video reporting, with the assistance of Jojje Borssén which also hangs with down. All films will be published in the blog.

What are your expectations for your own performance?
“It is a large (approximately 600 participants) and extremely tough lineup, so the top 10 will be tough …

What happens after this?
– I’m going to run Cape Epic and of course before the European championships in may.