All About Hockey Game

Hockey is a growing sport in the Netherlands. It has long been a sport for the elite in society, but it’s really changed in the meantime. Hockey is now open for all, and therefore all practiced. In this article, you can read all about hockey with its increasing popularity.

History of hockey

As mentioned in the introduction started hockey as a sport for the elite in society. It was an expensive sport that has not yet recognized the popularity of hockey knows today. Fifteen years ago, particularly countries like India and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan major hockey countries. With the replacement of the artificial grass lawns of many other countries developed into great hockey countries. Netherlands is one of today’s great hockey Nations in addition to countries such as United Kingdom, Germany and Spain.

The overall hockey game

Hockey is played by two teams of 11 players. 10 field players and a goalkeeper. Each team has a captain who can complain for the team to arbitration if there is disagreement. A hockey game consists of two halves of 35 minutes to rest for 5 minutes. In addition to the 22 hockey player hockey game have two referees whistle, each side of hockey. The judges led the race in the right direction.
When hockey players use a hockey stick to play the ball. This can make the player in three basic ways.First, a player can hit the ball. He makes a striking movement with his walking stick and play this way the ball. Additionally, a player can shoot the ball. He makes his hockey stick on the ball, then he pushes away the ball. The third way to play a ball. The player places hockey stick flat on the floor and slide hockey stick on the ground against the ball to play ball. In addition to the above basic way to play ball hockey also has a number of variants to play ball so called scoup. This is a variation of the pressure, with which a player plays the ball through the air. A scoup is allowed only if all the players of the opposing team must be at least five metres from the player playing the ball. In addition, Hockey has even called the move. This is a variation of the push, as a ball harder on target can be shot. Primarily in men’s hockey is often used during penalty corners of a drag because the ball this way too high can be played in goal.

Hockey equipment

Players on the hockey make use of a number of hockey stuff. First, the hockey shoes. Hockey shoes have sturdy sneakers that are underneath the knobs to keep a grip on artificial turf. In addition, leg protection is required and the piece is recommended. Increasingly, players have a protective glove to ensure that your hands can not be achieved on the rough turf open when you play a ball. The men wear a pair of shorts and a shirt and ladies skirt and a shirt. During the penalty corners allows the defending team will often use so-called face off masks that protect your face during a brake on target.A hockey goalie has protection over his body, the goalie hockey can actually stop his body. For more information on hockey goalie see article Hockey Keeper: tricks of the trade.

Hockey General

A hockey is 91.4 meters long and 55 meters wide. A hockey has a diameter just like a football field and a paragraph, but also two 23-metre lines, which as the name suggests, is 23 metres from the back boundary line. The circle around the hockey goal is situated at a distance of 14.53 metres. New fields connected with the recently introduced self-government pass a line 5 metres form the circle, see the heading self-rule pass.

Types ice hockey

Hockey has long played on grass fields. But in the last fifteen years, there has been a change in the hockey world. It is nowadays almost everywhere are played on artificial turf. These artificial lawns have the advantage that they are straighter than the old-fashioned natural turf as the ball bounces and rolls faster less. As a result, the hockey game has been increased in recent years in speed.
When artificial turf, made a distinction between three types of fields.
First, there are the sand-filled areas. These are artificial sites that are broadcast with sand.Broadcast Sandy expanse artificial grass are the cheapest in the construction industry, but the ball rolls not as quickly and smoothly as on a semi-or completely water-based. Because of the cost will be played in most small and medium-sized hockey clubs in sand-filled areas.
The second type of artificial grass are semi-aquatic. This veldt type is situated between zandingestrooide and water-in. This box has a thin layer of bedding sand inclusions, but will also be sprayed. This means that the ball rolls faster and flatter than on a sandy infilled artificial turf, but it is expensive in construction.
The last and often the finest field to play hockey on the so-called water-based. This field also consists of artificial turf, but is not sent with sand and sprayed with water in its entirety. This means that the ball rolls faster and flatter than on a semi-aquatic. Because of the high cost of playing largely just the biggest hockey clubs on water areas.

Game rules

It is in hockey only allowed to play ball with the flat side of the hockey stick. If hockey ball with the rounded side of the body is played, there is a crime. Only the goalie can play the ball with the body, but only in his own circuit. Outside the circle to the center of the goal, the ball can only play with the hockey stick. In addition, it should only be played a high ball into the goal or on the field, and thus no dangerous situation occurs. This generally means that all players must have at least 5 metres until the player plays the ball.
In a achterbal through a defensive stick attacker takes the ball at a distance of 4.5 metres from the finish line at the side of the field, called a long corner.

Penalty corner

When a crime is done by the defending team in their own circle, fit a penalty corner. The judge may assign a brilliant corner with a hard, deliberate crimes within its own 23-yardlinje. The defending state than with five men, including the goalkeeper, behind the goal line. The attacking party passed the ball at one point 9.14 m wide goal for. Then the ball outside the circle stops, after which the first layer has to be beaten ball at the goal. He can shot high. If there is a second ball, because, for example, the ball rebounding from the keeper, or it can be very beaten in goal. The other players in the defending team must be behind the Center. The players of the defending team may only stop when a player of the attacking team kicks the ball.


If a defending player has a ball with the body stops before the finish line inside the circle or as an attacking player is left inside the circle with an intentional violation of the scoring judge can award a penalty shot. A kind of duty taken at 6.4 meters from the goal by an attacking player to shoot in one smooth movement. The goalkeeper must be on the line during a penalty shot. The punishment like a penalty in football.

Self-Government that

A new rule in effect since 2009 hockey season, the so-called self-rule pass. This rule means that a player has the ball at impact or clearance can take for himself, provided he gives only a small tap on the ball. The players of the opposing team, at a prom took at least five meters from the ball, and if that is not the case, they should not try to steal the ball. In addition, a player must take at least five metres from the circuit of the counter party and the player the ball must not be inserted directly into the circle of the ball. The player must either have covered yourself first five metres to the ball then being introduced into the circle of the ball to a teammate’s play that is outside the circle. The self pass rule was introduced to hockey the game faster and more appealing to the public.