Ajax Eredivisie Champions

Times had changed. Amateur was the past. Today, they played soccer paid in Netherlands. It was the third time this season, played as a paid professional football player, but for the first time in a single race; the League. Was in the first class matches in competitions, to fight for the League title, it was now played 34 matches, and the best of these games was the Champion.


AJAX was the previous season ingestruikeld Eredivisie.They had to finish in the top eight in the League, for the season to be admitted to the country after 34 matches of Eredivisie whose final number one could call themselves champions of the Netherlands. Everything was new to everyone, and so it was all a 1st time in the League. So the first victory for Ajax in the Eredivisie against NAC, which was the first opponent. The winning goal Loek Edel was the first goal in the League.AJAX suffered their first defeat against Rapid JC, and first Feyenoord-Ajax can’t remember many Ajax.The first confrontaies contrast with PSV, would you have yet to experience more often. Halfway through the season didn’t look so great. AJAX gekeldert to eighth place, but from 13 January Ajax got the mind and lost not a competition anymore. On 19 May 1957 the first League title in professional football and was marketed as eredivisionisten. It was the total ninth League title for Ajax, which thus broke the record it shared with the Hague HVV.
Ajax Eredivisie Matches
It was all a bit lean in terms of points. many games were won by a single score the odd goal difference, and it was raining a-zeros. PSV contrast, came close to 100 goals, but was it too often, too much resistance. AJAX finished the tournament with four points ahead, and was so for the first time, and as a first name in the history of the Champions League.
Striking; with 16 goals was Bleyenberg Ajax goalscorer this season. With this he took a quarter of the total production accounted for Ajax.
On 25 april 1957 took Ajax new players for next season. According to the adopted “cubs” was the name of a HJ Cruyff stated. This Jopie from Betondorp, did not play a competitive examination and could afterwards, will show their skills. No one could have suspected that one of the greatest football players of all time had been taken into the Club.