Aerolates: Pilates to Burn Calories

The Pilates It was the novelty that lingers more over time and that continues adding followers because of its originality, its results effective and its method of training. However, its moderate pace has left out those people who like to move to greater intensity, I want to have fun and burn more calories.

Therefore, a new proposal has been created, so no one is left without trying the benefits of Pilates. It is called aerolates and consists in a aerobic work, of minimal impact It is in a horizontal position on an elastic surface.

It is a different way of burn calories by doing Pilates using an accessory specifically designed to incorporate into any bed Pilates, whose surface is flexible and allows you to exercise without risks, taking care of joints and increase physical performance, as well as heart rate which benefits the operation caediorrespiratorio.

For lovers of the traditional Pilates who in addition to toning, develop strength and flexibility want to burn calories and improve the cardiovascular endurance, This is the ideal, safe and effective option to practice.

On the other hand, not only allows to optimize the functioning heart and lung, but helps the muscles, blood circulation, protects joints, reduces the risk of injury, increases flexibility and reduces stress, at the same time collaborating with the burning of calories to lose weight.

A typical class consists of entering heat by means of movements at moderate pace and a mild intensity then begin to jump on the elastic surface in a horizontal position, with one foot to work the balance. Take a few minutes to retrieve the undercarriage while it exercises the upper part of the body with the use of dumbbells and are again made big jumps with both feet at the same time, giving greater intensity to the work.

Finally stretches and exercises are to reduce stress and muscle tension that can cause the class.

The truth is that this new proposal seems much more appealing personally, since soft, quiet and slow modes are not interesting to my eyes and my body, so that the aerolates It can attract a broader public that at the same time that tone, reduce stress, and improve flexibility, optimize respiratory, heart function and burn calories to help you lose weight.