Aerobic Exercise Reduces The Appetite

Are known the multiple benefits it offers the aerobic exercise on the human organism, and also know its great contribution at the time of lose weight.

But your help is not only limited to increase caloric expenditure, but that aerobic activities could decrease the appetite and with this, the intake of food.

A recent study evaluated individuals with excess weight that performed aerobic exercise for 3 months and at the end of the research experienced a decline of body fat and a reduction in the intake of calories due to a decreased appetite.

Scientists say that the reduction of caloric intake and body mass index are strongly associated with the increase in the levels of a protein called brain derived neurotrophic factor, whose main function is to promote the growth and proper functioning of nerve cells.

After 3 months of exercise in belt treadmill and in bicycles, individuals showed a large increase in the levels of this protein, and while asked not change food intake, they had reduced the calories they consumed.

In addition, failed to verify as to the levels of brain derived neurotrophic factor increased weight loss increased.

This leads to think aerobic exercise to promote the release of the protein, and it is involved in human metabolism and the mechanisms that regulate appetite.

Although it requires confirmation of the mechanism involved in the decrease in food intake, the practice is always advisable for physical activity to properly accompany the modification of eating habits to achieve weight loss.

Also it is known that the adoption of a healthy habit as regular exercise involves a series of positive changes in other areas of life, therefore, reasons to practice physical activity are many and there are no excuses that would prevent its realization.