Advantages of High Speed Reel

The detachable reel, unlike the classic reel, is equipped with two brakes: front brake and a rear brake. The rear brake, which is the main, allows, according to adjustment, to take out the wire smoothly and without any resistance. A simple turn of the crank is enough to strike him and towards the second brake mechanism.

A real revolution in the world of fishing, this type of reel allows you to adjust the brake in advance and optimally. When the fish engame bait, he

doesn’t feel any resistance in his flight. At this time, simply for the sinner to grasp thecane and operate the crank of the reel to apply the main brake.

What are the advantages of the high speed reel?

The detachable reel is very popular for the simplicity of its operation. It requires, in fact, no special technical skills. He is also clever and handy, ideal both for beginners as for the experienced.

The ease of use of the high speed reel

The detachable reel allows the angler to adjust the main brake until the fish catches the bait. Therefore, it is ideal to have peace of mind without worrying about missing a start, particularly when the brake is too tight.

The speed of the high speed reel contact

The detachable reel is perfect for robust and combative fish. It allows to act quickly to deal with the abrupt departure of the fish. Also, the fish will not feel any resistance in his flight.

Choose his detachable reel

The Brakes

There are two obstacles on a high speed reel. The first, fixed to the front of the reel is used during the fight. The second, in the back, used you during the static phase. The choice must be focused on the quality and robustness, especially for the combative fish such as carp and Pike fishing.

The Coil

Prefer a reel with a coil of large capacity to hold a sufficient length of nylon or braid. The current lifts reels have a conical model, allowing to launch long and accurate. Indeed, these coils prevent friction at the time of the conduct of the wire.

The Bearings

For long-distance fishing, choose a reel equipped many bearings. Some models have 5-6, guaranteeing comfort and speed of recovery.