About Camping

Camping is an outdoor recreational activity, where you may stay a minimum of one night in a bivouac, a tent, a caravan or a tent in a caravan.

The site can be either a natural area, such as. a forest, or on a campsite. In most countries must be in a camping accommodation or another approved location. The contrast to this is Sweden, where The law allows that we may stay a single night.

About Camping

Already 13. December 1926 established Camp Club Denmark of 1926 which has since been to Danish Camping Union.

Camping should not be confused with Scouts at the Scout camp, who grow it as a leisure activity. These are in contrast to campers, vacationing.

Camping ‘ suits is the term used for a tvangsfri clothing, e.g. fritidssæt, which often can be seen at the campsite.

Fixed nestles is called the type of which is fixed on the same campsite a whole season (or more)

In recent years created special camping grounds only for fixed nestles – this is probably the closest to an allotment without the garden to care

Winter campers use the caravan year round.

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