Abdominal Lower and Higher? Lie, But Not Quite

In the past (well, not so many years ago) the abdominals are distinguishing between lower and upper (depending on your position, obviously) and the rectus abdominis by each portion of the famous “candy bar” is distinguished as popularly known.

Although it is more than clear that with the passage of the years and greater awareness is already distinguished between the rectus abdominis and abdominal trasverso the two oblique (such as muscle alone, with no lower or higher, without six or eight muscles, etc.) as well as training of such systems, as hipopresivos exercises and their respective exercises , the usefulness of isometry, etc… today Let’s see the why the previous popular belief in the separation of the rectus abdominis and as do not cease to have some reason in some ways. Let’s see:

The separation of the rectus abdominis in small rectangular shapes comes from tendon wires holding own muscle. Attention: By genetic factors, the thickness of these threads can be made more or less the abdominal mark you. It is possible to have them very defined but without those brands that we like so much.

On the other hand, go to the damn issue of lower and upper. Something of true in this? So yes, basically two things:

The fact of not getting encourage and congest what we knew as “ABS bottom” comes from the amount of muscle fibers and the shape of the muscle. The rectus abdominis is much narrower at the top than at the bottom, so the first accumulates more easily more nerve-wracking (is the same reason that stiffness in breast: is often in the area closest to the man to have many fewer muscle fibers).

It is true that, to nervous level, the rectus abdominis can be separated in two parts commented, Since in the upper contact with nerves of trunk and at the bottom of the waist and even iliac Crest (hence the feeling of overload in one part or another).