A Great Adventure

I can say from my September 7 holiday? That certainly was a big adventure full of joys, challenges and achievements. And could not be otherwise, since it fell justat the time a very special event for any Pathfinder: the camporee. a super Pathfinders camp which occurs, on average, of 5 years 5:00 pm, sponsored by the seventh-day Adventist Church, full of the most diverse evidence, challenges and adventures.
In this Camporee we had about 1,600 campers, being 50 Pathfinder clubs from 5regions of the State of Rio de Janeiro and the event happened in SaquaremaRIO DE JANEIRO, in the CTDPathfinder training center, a beautiful place, all prepared to receive our
campers and where nature reigns splendid.

I’m glad I could rely on my Crampon bag Cargo of 72 Trails & Directions, which has built-in raincoat to protect my clothes and my Anorak Storm Tracks, because little rain Courses & and the wind didn’t give truce. For the cold of the night, I could count on my sleeping bag Super Feather winter. Folks, I highly recommend this sleeping bag … soft and warm! Very good! As for my tent, I became ill, but also she’s not of trails and Paths, so I’ll skip that part. Lol!
During the day we had a lot of fun with evidence obstacles, and a lot of mud. We made many new friends and gave many laughs together. And in the evening we had a beautiful program, with the presentation of each leader and your region.New leaders received their scarves and
other leaders (among them little me) received an important Medal, we call the investiture.



This little one medal represents one more step, one more victory and brings with it the weight of responsibility contained behind a scarf: guide our children in the way that leads to Life, teaching the values and principles that led to whole lifeand showing the love of Christ.