A Bike Turns Into a Stroller for Babies and Children

The TAGA is a multifunctional urban vehicle with an exclusive design to meet the needs of parents and children,  combines the advantages of a premium baby stroller and the bicycle, creating a new concept of mobility.

Safe, reliable and fun, it offers parents and kids to move around town easily, turning a monotonous ride into an exciting adventure!

When you arrive at the destination, whether it is a shopping mall, a cafeteria, a park or friends’ house, the TAGA is converted in a few seconds into a trolley, allowing parents and child to enter conveniently, walk up or up the stairs.

It can also be used on the subway, train, bus or other means of public transport, offering a continuous use to go and return to the destination (important to check the standards of each company)

The Advantages Of Taga

Taga is developed to take you and your child to distant mores that a baby stroller – and offers much more fun for both.

Taga is more modular, maneuverable and convenient than a bicycle and much safer to pedal with children.

Taga is more economical and cost effective than a car and much better for the environment and your well-being!

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