9 Questions You Must Ask Before Buying Your First Bike!

Optimize your bike purchase with these simple questions. And remember: if the seller bother to answer them, it’s a sign that your purchase must be made at another store!

Do I really know what use I am going to make of this bike?

This is a question you should ask yourself, not the seller! Emily Bremer, female marketing manager at Trek Bikes, points out that this is probably the most important thing to solve before beginning your search. “Think about what you want versus what you need,” she says, adding that the two may be very different! You definitely do not need carbon wheels to take part in the local recreational group ride, even if you want to have them! Most importantly, think about what you will do with the bike on most of your wheels, and also what type of road you have at your disposal most of the time: city streets, tracks, roads, and so on … It’s no use buying a top-of-the-line mountain bike if you’re going to pedal most of the time in the city. Nowadays there are bikes that are well adapted to urban cycling (hybrids, urban), which will give a “message” much more efficiently than a trail bike! If you are going to buy a rode bike, here is the further suggestion on how to choose the pedal, ComputerMinus.

Do I Still Need To Buy A Bike At A Specialized Bike Shop?

You can buy anything on the internet these days! Including your new bike! But just because you can does not mean that you should … When you buy a bike from an authorized dealer, you know that the bike was assembled and tested by a professional mechanic, plus you also start to build a relationship with the store , Which is always a great way to find out about new routes or group tours, or even maintenance classes and bicycle-related events! By purchasing a bike shop, you also ensure that you are not purchasing a counterfeit product, which unfortunately is a common problem in the bike market. Buying from a specialist store can still have more benefits, such as initial and personalized warranty assistance, which you do not get when buying a bike at a grocery store or even a used bike.

Can I Ask For A Discount?

“You can always ask,” says Bremer, but the banks on bicycles are so anemic that you should be prepared for something minimal. However, she says that stores are often willing to give good discounts on accessories, especially when bought in conjunction with a bicycle.

Can I Do A “Test Drive”?

“Definitely taking a test tour will validate the recommendation of a reliable seller,” says Bremer. In fact, if a bike shop does not let you take a quick turn for a test, even accompanying you on the course, you should probably buy somewhere else. “Make sure that the main characteristics of the bike are shown in this roll, especially the gearshifts and brakes,” says Bremer.

How Do I Know If A Bike Fits With Me?

It’s almost impossible to evaluate a bike on a 10-minute test tour! Then you will have to rely on your intuition, and mainly rely on the indication of the seller (ideally, it should be indicated by someone you know). “Basically, you should not get overextended trying to reach the handlebars,” says Bremer. If you are unsure about this distance, ask to test the same bike in the next size up and down (eg if you are testing a bike with size M, ask for a P and then also test a G). Surely this comparison will make it clear which one fits you best.

You’ll probably end up spending hours on your bike, so you should feel comfortable riding!Nothing should be strange except for the initial discomfort of the saddle, which only disappears over time. “Most saddles are a bit uncomfortable at first, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve been pedaling,” says Bremer. One last question worth asking is if your store will help you in the direction of a “bike fit”, which is an adaptation of the bike to your biotype. Most stores have this service included in some sales categories, where they even replace parts of your new bike to better fit your pedal!

Do I Have To Buy A Bike Specific To Gender (Male/Female)? What Is The Difference?

No, definitely not. However it is worth learning about them, and if there is opportunity, to buy a bike more oriented to its gender. Our initial recommendation not to prioritize the purchase of a specific equipment is so that this is not an impediment for you to buy your first bike, since buying a bike by gender may add more cost. “What makes a bicycle specific to women varies from brand to brand,” says Bremer. Some brands use different thicknesses of carbon throughout the frame to make bikes lighter, while others, in addition to using more feminine graphics, offer features such as presenting a geometry with a shorter range for handlebars, narrower handlebars, and saddles Women. “There are many advantages to this policy, but I would remind you that the geometry of women’s bikes also does not apply to all women,” says Bremer.

In addition, women-specific products sometimes work better for men. “It’s very rare, but it happens,” says Bremer. So if the salesperson suggests you test a bike that is not your gender, do not be offended! He just wants to make sure you’re testing the best possibilities.

How Many Bikes Should I Test?

Steve Beheler, an American shopkeeper, says you should test at least two or three bikes.But avoid doing a very long test with the bike. “If someone pedals 10 bikes, it’s going to be more confusing than anything,” she says.

Can I Ask The Bike Shop To Install A “Side Stand”?

And How Are The Accessories I Bought Online?

“If your bike has a proper place to install the” rest “(foot), we’ll install it as well as any other accessory you desire,” says Beheler. While most hybrid and urban bikes have this “niche “For installation, on road and mountain models generally this story is different. In this case, ask your mechanic what the best way to “park” your bike is. As for accessories purchased online, most stores will install them without problem, but will certainly charge a fee for the service. If the bike itself is purchased online, or even you buy a used bike, most shops will do the assembly, adjustments and “bike fit” without any problem. However, again, they will charge a fee for this service.

Do Bikes Come With Any Warranty Or Even A Maintenance Plan Included?

This varies. All new bikes come with the guarantee determined by the law of the consumer. In some cases, this period may be longer, as is the case of some manufacturers whose frames have a lifetime warranty. However when buying your bike you should think that this will be the beginning of a long (and, hopefully, happy) relationship with your local bike shop. This means that you will probably take your bike a few times a year for maintenance and repairs.

Some stores include a level of maintenance service related to the purchase of a bicycle;So you should ask about the policy of your store at the time of purchase. You should also know what the manufacturer’s warranty covers. Often, frames are covered “under normal use” which does not include damages caused by “misuse”. Finally, because here in Brazil a lot of bicycles are imported, you should ask in your store if it will assist you in the eventual need to use the guarantee with the importer. This is very important and can save you a huge headache in the event of a problem with the equipment. For