6 Tips to Go from Bike to Work

For people who are intending to leave the car and adopt the bike as a new form of transportation there are good reasons that may be justifying such conduct. One is the hours that are lost in traffic, with the existence of kilometer traffic jams, where you never know when you will arrive at work or on the way home.

This is really a major annoyance for those who still persist in keeping the car as their primary means of transportation. Already for those who joined the bike to go to work this disorder certainly no longer exists.

Another good reason to be using the bike as a means of transport is to react to the preservation of the environment, because the less cars are active, the less toxic gas will be released in the environment and with this when changing the car by bike to go to work You will be giving a great help to the preservation of nature.

Regardless of the reasons that lead you to join the bike instead of the car to get to work, you must follow some tips and guidelines on using the bike so that you may be avoiding some unpleasant eventuality during the journey.

When you are a beginner in this business, you are likely to end up with a few perrengues on your way to work, but anyone who thinks cycling veterans do not need attention and care about those details is wrong.

Even with experience in the subject, it is always good to be prepared for what may happen.

So, thinking of the best way to help you take all the necessary care when getting your bike to work, we’ve brought some measures that will help you dodge any obstacle in front of you while you’re at To the work environment.

Important Steps To Bike-To-Work

Seek To Get Acquainted With The Idea

It is necessary to take it easy when performing the final replacement of the car for the bike, so that the impact is not very extensive. Start slowly and try to focus initially on the process of adaptation.

Before you even begin to use your bike to get to work, try to adapt the conditions that will be similar to those you face on the way to work. How will you do that? Well look for a free time and do, distance courses and weather conditions and a half similar to the ones you usually face when going to work.

That way when you actually start pedaling to work, you will already be accustomed to the conditions of the course or the time or any other situation that may arise during your journey.

If you do not have this initial preparation you are sure to be able to get to the workplace all sweaty, tired and to complete the package, you will still be stressed. These factors will end up causing you a frightening discouragement that will be enough to make you want to drive again and that’s not what you want to happen, is not it?

Before including the bike in your daily life, try to do an adaptive training, because this process must precede the effective insertion of the bike as a means of transportation in your life.

An excellent option for you to be adapting to this new reality is to pedal in a group. From the moment the cyclist becomes more confident he will undoubtedly enjoy every ride he makes towards the work environment.

Attention With Clothing

The clothing that is used to pedal also ends up being a differential in this practice. One must keep in mind that you are not inside an air conditioned car, but rather on an outdoor bike and it will probably perspire.

For those who want to bike to the workplace, the most feasible thing is to leave some clothes at work, so even if you get there drenched in sweat you will always have a clean and dry clothes to wear.

Another essential tip is with regards to the equipment present in your bike. Try to equip it with a sort of trunk also known as a saddlebag. Because it is a spacious compartment, it will perfectly suit you to carry various things in it and that may be useful to you on the way to work.

Placing this type of equipment on your bike will surely make it much more practical and efficient. Have a best saddle (CARSWERS) if necessory. With a saddlebag attached to your bike it will be much easier to carry clothes, accessories, bags, leptops and even backpacks to wherever you go, either to work or even to any other destination.

So do not forget to take into consideration the insertion of this item in your bike, because of course your pedaling towards work will become much easier.

In the case of women, care is also the same. But it is worth mentioning that the most important in relation to the female audience is to ride a bike as you are feeling comfortable, even if you need to get off the jump and put a simple train to pedal.

But there are cases of women who can perfectly pedal jumping. So these details are very relative and in this case will depend on the preference of each one.

Whichever way you choose, the most important thing is to ride your bike to work in the way that is most comfortable for you and that does not jeopardize your safety during the course of the course.

Keep An Eye On The Weather

When you talk about climate everything becomes more unpredictable, because at the same time that it is making a gigantic sun, suddenly the rain begins to fall and if you are not connected in the daily forecasts of the time will end up in a true problem of course.

Even if the weather is nice, always walk with a raincoat and clothes of reserve, because you never know when a storm will fall and even the weather forecasts are liable to error.

Now there are periods during the year that the weather is extremely hot and dry. In these cases, try to use sunscreen and sunglasses to protect yourself from ultraviolet rays.

If possible avoid riding a bike when the sun is very strong, which in the case, is usually between the hours between 10:00 am and 13:00 pm. The risk of cycling within this range of hours is important because with the intense heat, you will sweat a lot and may present a picture of dehydration, which can cause a fall.

So it is advisable not to ride a bike in the late morning and early afternoon on days when the heat is intense.

Learn To Use The Accessories

Some accessories are fundamental for those who are starting to ride a bike. Among them it is possible to mention the helmet and the glove, since the protection of the head during an impact caused by a possible fall may be avoiding serious problems in relation to its physical well-being.

The gloves in turn will keep your hands dry, which will also prevent falls on the track. But it is important to point out that it is important to make the right choice of safety equipment, because depending on your style in the workplace, these items may end up interfering with your appearance.

There are in the market a multitude of models that meet the most varied tastes and styles.

So it is more open or closed, small or a little bigger, the essential thing is that you do not stop using these safety equipment.

Always Have A Plan B

Although riding a bike is a great option to get around, sometimes you need to have a B plan up your sleeve, because it is not always possible to get to the destination just by pedaling.

Depending on the situation, there are some cases where you will need to associate the use of the bicycle with some public transport such as bus or subway.

Also, it is always good to have some money in your pocket, because if your bike gives you a problem you need to have the means to be taking a subway or a taxi to reach your destination.

Stimulate People

It certainly makes it much easier if more people you have contact present the same habit as you, that is, riding a bike to the workplace.

So try to encourage your boss or even your co-workers because in this way you are not only implanting a healthy practice idea among the components of your work environment but you may even be creating potential pedal companies where You know you have the chance that you will not need to pedal alone if that is your case.

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