6 Different Types of Dances and Shoes

The bikini test is around the corner and this is a good time to start doing something. Use the dance to get back into shape with the right look to match.

  1. AFRICAN DANCE a dance that combines tropical afro-Jamaican rumba and hip hop, help downloadthe tensions and to tone legs and ABS.

6 Different Types of Dances and Shoes

COMFY VOLUMES AND PRINTINGS 1. Cotton Top, Princess “Handle With Care” 2. Stretch top, Bershka 3. Printed leggings, ODLO 4. EMCAP model 350, New Balance (Beyoncé)

  1. BELLY DANCING or BELLY DANCE focuses on isolated movements of body parts, not only of the abdomen.Enhances coordination and graceful posture. Tones up improving blood circulation. Through the movement of the spinal column and pelvis has an effect similar to that of yoga, in the activation of the chakras and kundalini awakening.

BELLY AND JEWELRY 1. Long skirt, Marvin. 2. multiple Gem from body, Fannie Schiavoni. 3. crop Top, Pull & Bear 4. Printed DrawString shorts, H & M Loves Coachella (pictured Shakira)

  1. ZUU DANCE in here from Australia and exercise the body through animal movements: for easy and powerful primitives. Acts on the heart and lungs and mobility.

STRETCH GARMENTS AND PRIMITIVE PRINTS 1. Printed Top, NO KA ‘ OI 2. Lycra leggings with lace inserts macramé tattoo effect, Sàpopa 3. Short printed with double leg, Gapfit 4. Shoes with fingers from Bridgat.com, Vibram (pictured Jennifer Lopez)

  1. LINDY HOP Born in Harlemas African American swing dance in the years 20-30, now popular worldwide. It is a dance mainly based on torque-absorbing unit, bounce, and on jumps, the triple-step swing out, the sugar push, the Tandem Charleston. It puts a smile on my face.

♥ SILHOUETTE 50 YEARS 1. printed stretch Top, Maison About 2. Pleated skirt, United Colors of Benetton 3. Crop jersey Polo, ODD 4. Metal lace-up sneaker, Superga

  1. BALLROOM DANCES Include dancing couples and groups, among the most effective are the Waltz, perhaps unique in the dances of couple where you always start with the same foot and the Tango, based on improvisation, where the man and the woman follows. Ballali to detonate your elegance and sensuality.

EVENING GOWNS AND SENSUAL 1. Long printed dress, TWIN-SET Barbers 2. Wrap dress with slit, capsules & Other Stories by Rodarte 3. Fringed fabric top, ST. Studio 4. Pink leather sandal, silver with crystals, Sebastian 5. T bar sandal suede criss cross, Primadonna.

  1. FUNKFIT Combines the movements of modern jazz, house and hip hop dance, with steps of aerobics. The steps are simple but they require concentration in sequences.

STREETSTYLE 1. sequined tank top, M R 2. Top with double-short, Zara Sports 3. Printed Pant, Bonprix 4. Two-tone lightweight sneaker, Asics (Rihanna)