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Improve The Abdominal Tone with Small Everyday Actions

Get a good abdominal is a topic that brings us due to how difficult that is to achieve a strong and flat belly. Not only serves to do sport and kill us to hard exercise, but that we must acquire … Continue reading

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The Example of Madonna. Can Were You Get in Tip-Top Shape at 50?

We have always heard that over the years our body becomes more lazy and slow, and our physical form deteriorates. This is a reality, as we cannot prevent wear from age, but We can minimize its effects in our organism … Continue reading

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Exercise in Press 45 °. Some Points to Keep in Mind

Among the exercises that we carry out to work the muscles of the leg one of the most used is which takes place at the dam of 45º. It’s a very complete exercise in which we train very well all … Continue reading

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Muscle Imbalance, Would What to Do about?

The muscle decompensation they are a high risk of injury and frequently occur because of inadequate physical exercise or sport actions. A muscle imbalance is nothing more than an imbalance between the development of a particular muscle group and other.

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Training with Gums, Do I Provide The Same Results That Train with Weights?

There are many techniques that exist for exercising our muscles. The important thing is to have knowledge of all of them and master them, because the variation is a good way to surprise the muscles and this way to get … Continue reading

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It Is True That Turns Fat into Muscle and Vice Versa?

There are many myths circulating muscular development environment. Surely more than once heard that fat has the quality to turn into muscle and vice versa. Something that is a bit ridiculous, as both are different fabrics that you do not … Continue reading

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The Press of Banking Is Not The Only Exercise for Chest

The bench press is an exercise to work the chest par excellence. There are many regulars at the gym who refuse to stop using this exercise as the only for muscular chest. As we have said on occasions, variety is … Continue reading

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Can You Do Squats Anyone?

The answer is no, we have seen at HowStuffWorks that squats can be a potentially dangerous for the knee and spine exercise, especially in people who have had an injury in these areas, in advanced age groups and those who … Continue reading

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Order of The Muscle Groups in Targeted Toning Sessions.

There are two theories on the subject on the agenda of the muscle groups in training, based on the same criteria: arm muscles act as auxiliaries of the large muscle groups of the trunk. I.e. in chest movements also will … Continue reading

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The Risks of Anabolic Steroids

In order to increase muscle mass, Although nature offers us opportunities, usually resorting to the use of anabolic steroids, Since its results seem miraculous because of the rapidity and effectiveness.

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