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Origins of Swimwear

The origins of the bathing suit / beach wear (by Valerie Be Vintage, alleging ) In Folie Vintage, summer is not completely finished … To finish the “beauty” here very briefly the origins of swimwear from Bermuda Coco Chanel in topless … Continue reading

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Rules of Tennis Game

Tennis, originally a French sport. First with bare hands, but still played with rackets. It’s more than just a ball to hit each other. Read more about this great sport.

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Olympic Games 2008 Judo Results

At the 2008 Olympic Games, a number of judokas favorite for a medal. Do ten Dutch judoka who will compete in the Olympic Games. These are: Edith Bosch, Dex Elmont, Guillaume Elmont, Dennis van der Geest, Deborah Gravenstijn, Henk Grol, Ruben Houkes, … Continue reading

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Heart Coherence Training

Your heart rate is in constant change. Emotional and physical processes that the interval between heartbeats a moment will be bigger than the second time. Pulse frequency is variable. The degree of coherence of the heart rate variability is called heart coherence. Used in … Continue reading

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World Cup Qualifiers Croatia vs Belgium

Qualifying matches for the 2014 World Cup began. All participating countries are trying, by winning the qualifiers, to qualify for participation in Brazil.Belgium plays in connection with WORLD CUP qualification for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, on October 11, 2013 … Continue reading

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FC Twente Champions League History

FC Twente in the 2009/2010 season champion in the Netherlands. Ten years earlier, was the club but still die from big financial problems; Finnan This article describes how the Enschede Club in a relatively short period of time, under the leadership of … Continue reading

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FIFA International Soccer League

FIFA’s international football. They organize major football tournaments like the World Cup and the Confederations Cup. Here are some of its history and tournaments. Name and history FIFA stands for Fifa. The Organization was founded on 21 May 1904 by national football:

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Basic Rules of International Soccer

Football is not just kicking a ball and make sure that he is going into the goal. It is a tactical game that a lot of rules to be drawn up. When the students at Camp Bridge in 1848 started playing, they … Continue reading

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Grand Slam Tennis US Open 2015

In tennis is making a serious penny. That is, if you belong to the top of the world, because there is a big difference with lower-ranked players. Especially in the Grand Slams, the four major tournaments in tennis season, is there to … Continue reading

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World Cup 2014 Group A Fixtures

Torments of the 2014 World Cup: Group A fixtures in Europe. The countries Belgium, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Scotland, and Wales will be on September 7, 2012 struggle until October 15, 2013, to find a place in the final of the World … Continue reading

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