10 Essential Tips for MTB Pedestrians

The bicycle is one of the most complete means of land transport, besides the displacement from one place to another, the skinless one does not pollute, it improves the physical conditioning and the quality of life of the cyclist. The bike delivers sensations and unique moments. Whoever pedals knows people, places, and enjoys beautiful landscapes. Below I have organized a series of 10 guidelines that I consider essential for the cyclist who already pedals and for the cyclist who wants to start his adventures on mountain biking.

1-Safety: Helmet and glove are essential accessories.

Despite the fragile appearance and many say that the cycling helmet does not protect, this is a big lie, I have seen accidents that if it were not the helmet the worst would have happened.

The glove is another accessory that can not be missed, falls are common and grating is a consequence, and grating the palm of the hand on the gravel is horrible and unforgettable (rsrs), experience itself.

2-Replace Tire: always carry spare air chamber, spatula and tire inflator, and learn how to use these accessories.

Before teaching me how to drive my father, he taught me how to change the tire of the car, and I believe that this teaching also pays for the bike, before leaving for the first track, know how to change your tire, holes are common, and push back The bike because it does not know how to change the tire is frustrating.

Below is a video tutorial on how to change the bike tire:

3-Food and hydration: Do not ruin your fun and the class.

On shorter pedals, with shorter distances, food becomes expendable, however on trails lasting longer than 60 minutes, energy-based carbohydrate replenishers can save your life from a hunger nail (hypoglycemia).

Hydration is very important, our body loses 600 to 1200 ml of water per hour, it is recommended that if you take 150 to 200 ml of water every 15 min, dehydration is one of the most terrible sensations that the human being can pass .

4-Cleaning: Increase the life of your relationship.

Due to the action of nature, dust, rain, mud, impregnate in the change and the relationship, reducing its useful life, it is of paramount importance that after all the trail wash the bike, taking out the dirt. Kerosene is an additive derived from petroleum, highly detergent, is one of the products most used by cyclists to clean the relationship, below a video of tips on how to clean the exchange and the relationship.

5-Maintenance: Pedal safely and without problems.

Bumpy terrain, holes, stones, dirt, dust, rain, mud are the essence of mtb, these factors give excitement to sports, but are also responsible for the deterioration of skinny components. Suspension, change and relationship, in addition to cleaning need periodic maintenance, it is recommended that every 1000 km wheeled the bike undergoes a general overhaul. And be careful, know the mechanic well, question, ask questions, is very common among cyclists reports of gambiarras and poorly made services of some mechanics.

6-Money and Cell: Always take it.

You never know what can happen during a trail, breaks and accidents are common, and you can not always solve a mechanical problem and return home after a fall, always take the phone if you need help. The money is fundamental, besides the money of the coca and the Gatorade of the end of the pedal, always carry some extra exchanges.

7-Enter your location.

Even when leaving in a group, always inform a person nearby, the region and location of the pedal that you will do, unforeseen happen, and if you have informed someone of the track and the region of the pedal, you already have a guarantee of support and help.And always bring a bike headlight for cycling will be safer and more helpful, healthinclude.com.

8-Mechanics and regulation: learn the basics.

I believe that one of the worst situations for first-time riders is the reliance on mechanics and shops for solving simple problems, such as speed regulation (easy derailing) and misalignment of skin components. On youtube there are numerous videos tutorials explaining how to do basic bike maintenance. A pocketknife becomes indispensable, learn to tinker with your bike and save your time and patience.

9-Do not leave anyone behind

Not everyone has the same physical condition and knows the paths of the tracks, if you have beginners in your pedal group, come and ask the individual how much time to pedal, how many km he does per week, are basic information but give parameters to the rhythm Of the pedal. The former should always stop and wait on shamrocks, forks and crossroads. At the output of the pedal always count the number of cyclists, and always remember, one day you were also starting and was a beginner.

10-Help: Be the first to help.

As already said, breaks and accidents happen, be the first to be willing to help, one of the ideals of cycling is friendship and companionship. That expression “one hand washes the other” is constantly used in this sport.

11-Traffic, street: Watch out!

I had already written the publication today, in the beginning there would be only 10 tips, but yesterday, on the way to the pedal, one of our friends from Grupo Bandeira was involved in an accident with a motorcycle, he hit his head, His helmet a more serious injury could have occurred. He went to the doctor, X-ray, and besides the grating and the fright nothing serious happened. Be alert, careful with traffic, many drivers do not respect cyclists, let’s walk more prudently on the streets, always on the defensive and with caution. We are fragile and weak, let’s not let an auto-motor vehicle end our freedom and fun!